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I have a similar experience, I was using IDR48 with editor over wifi. the audio meter on editor was not running smooth, it stops every 5 sec, and run again, then stop again and run. it doesn’t affect the sound of the FOH, but I have no control when the meter stopped. it might be a serious problem if there is a feedback on that few second of time. However, I tried to use the same setup with CAT5 cable connect direclty from IDR network out to computer, then the problem gone, it goes very well.

so is there a problem with my router? I’m using D-link DIR-635 router, the router is only handling one task

this problem also happened when I use with T112, the meter stop with router plugged into IDR, there is no problem with NO router connected to the IDR. what’s wrong with my network setting? pls help

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