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I work at a mid to big church. Different bands every week. 12 monitor mixes. Drums, 2 El.Gtrs, Ac.GTR, Bass, ST grand, ST keys, Percs, 4 or 5 BGVs 1 or 2 Lead VOX, Choir, sometimes string quartet, and what not…
There are ways to configure Avioms, but everything ends up being mono and the signals to the BGVs are mixed in a bus, etc. I demoed the PLs but there’s still a bit too much cabling in order to make them viable, and also a little risky to program and isolate them from the scenes. M-48 mixers are able to mix your aux channel and an ambient mic which is really neat, and all the mixing happens in the mixers, not the A&H MixRack which I think is a little too risky for our environment.
May be an iPad App emulating a personal monitor mixer???…