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So, do we have a way to let performers control their monitor mixes with Behringer BCF or BCR2000?

I just checked 1.70 help and saw:

Mutes – Note On messages
Levels – IP, Mix, FX, DCA – NRPN messages
DCA assignments – NRPN messages
IP to Main Mix assignments – NRPN messages
Preamp Gain – NRPN and Pitch Bend messages
Preamp Pad – Sysex message
Preamp 48V – Sysex message
Channel Name and Colour – Sysex message
Scene recall – Bank select and Program Change messages

In the “Levels” line it says “mix”, but that does not indicate you can manipulate mix content.
Did anybody figure out this aspect?

I wish A&H released an iMonitor app after iTweak.

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Where is my DANTE & iMonitor?