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Originally posted by Knoxford

Is there a way to isolate this hiss?

Start muting channels – if the hiss drops considerably on specific channels then check your gain and PAD settings on those channels. Only use the pad if you really do need it. You will get way better signal to noise ratio with the pad off and gain on a lower setting. If you still have a lot of hiss then check your input sources – if they are coming from electronic devices (such as another mixer/DJ deck/preamp etc then try to improve the signal to noise ratio at the source first – then look at EQ settings and possibly look at using noise gates on problem channels.
If your PA system has plenty of headroom then try running your master outputs hotter (say around 0Vu unity) with your amp attenuators turned down to compensate. This will reduce any external speaker processor noise – by the amount you have attenuated the amps by. Don’t use gain where gain isn’t needed – If your channel faders on some channels are only ever at half – then drop the gain and bring the fader back up close to 0Vu. It’s all about signal to noise ratio’s. Let us know if this sorts out your problems.


Richard Howey
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