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Hi there
I have a ILIVE 144 + IDR10 plus a T112+ IDR 16. Both IDRs have the MADI card, so I can use that like monitors/FOH desk. I record by a PC with NUENDO and a RME pci card inside. The system working very well. The only problem is thai I don’t have a long (100 m) double video cable, so I am forced to place the PC close the IDRs on stage. The question is: If I buy a DIGIGRAM LX6464 (Ethersound PCI Card)can I connect directly to ILIVE 144 surface ethersound Port B, by way I can control the PC by myself in FOH place?

Thank’ a lot to everybody. I forgot that the magic machine(ILIVE) get a wonderful network system, and I set a second PC (laptop) at FOH with VNC software, and it works perfectly. Thank you gentlemen.