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I have been using a LE1700.
1400×1050 screen resolution is really nice.
Mine came with duo2 core, 2.5GB ram & 30GB Hard disk.

I used it with ilive editor last Friday night for the first time. I mixed on IDR32.
There were some moments of “system busy” window popping up when jumping from one channel to another channel “SEL”.
I don’t know if this is a laptop hardware issue, wireless issue, or windows 7 64 bit issue. Maybe it is a simply JAVA programming issue. I’ll never know.
Ilive editor doesn’t work as fast as YAMAHA SM as far as I can compare. I operated a LS9 for a year from the same tablet PC and never had that kinda lagging. I’m on the same wireless network. I got rid of LS9, so I have to learn how to live with that until I can afford a T80 or T112.