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Hi Yosuke

The Number of bytes available in iLive for scenes is slightly meaningless, because how many scenes that can be stored is dependant on what is stored in a scene. A scene ‘Store all’ or Full scene storage takes up more space than a partial scene store.
Therefore the available number of scene stores depends on what gets stored.

Currently 100 Full scenes are possible

250 partial scenes possible.

The scene ‘%’ tells you how much ‘scene’ memory is left free.

Shows are stored on the SBC (touchscreen computer), 200MB are allocated. Again the number of shows will depend on whats stored in the show file. The show file will vary in length depending on your system configuration.
You can store more Shows on USB.

Librarys are stored on the SBC, max number is 150, You can store more on USB.

Scene memory is distributed between the MixRack and surface, settings are stored local to the unit where they are relevant

Current Settings, again are stored within the box to which the settings apply.

Hope this helps
Sam A&H