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We had two custom console cases built by Opti-Case for our T112’s. They are similar to the R&R cases for the M7CL that have the wood wrapping the sides (https://www.rrcases.com/consoleyamaham7cl.htm) except for the doghouse which sits flush with the top of the desk. We had ours constructed with two side-by-side 2-space racks below the front of the desk for power conditioner, CD player, Clear-Com station, etc.

The IDR-48 MixRack was also a custom build job by Opti-Case. It consists of a 12-space rack/trunk combo to fit the MixRack, twist-lock power inlet and power conditioner. The snake comes out of the front of the rack down and back to the 30″ trunk for storage. These are very handy to use as a table for monitor world when both MixRacks are being used.

I will post photos when I get a chance to pop the lid on one of the consoles.

Justin Sumrall
2-T112 2-IDR48