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You might want to check with your A & H dealer, remember that A & H has had a rebate this summer for rolling roadcases for new purchases of IDRs and ILive T series. I got those, and as someone a while back said, the build quality was excellent. The case A & H speced for the IDR is shockproofed, which may be a good indicator of its “recommendation”. It is also large enough for two 1U items in addition to the IDR48 (is the IDR32 the same size?), and you can also rackmount something on the rear in addition. In my rack, it houses the IDR48, my system management unit and a UPS. The spool with my CAT5 cable goes in the back. For what is worth, I do primarily theatre work, and all of my wireless units (24)are in a separate case (24), which the IDR case typically sits on top of. I agree with the prior post though that I would not put the IEM’s directly with the receivers. Hope that is of help.

Jonathan Wade
Suburban Legend Audio