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I’ve just finished a rack for my iDR48. It has 1U APC rackmount, IDR, 2 free rackspaces for IPS-10 (maybe in future, now fitted with 2U rackmound drawer) and a 19″ energy saving 5W racklight. I’ve made a simple overvoltage relay to block incoming AC in case it exceedes 245V, I also have a relay to switch iDR between UPS output and line (in case if UPS fails, relay switches to incoming AC line). The rack is 12U double (internal box suspended) type. I’ve also modified rackmount light to have 2 indication lamps – Line OK and UPS OK. Rear lid is normally closed, it has 8 ventilation grilles and dust filter, two extra 120mm fans are installed in the back (230VAC in series to have low RPM and no noise).

If you are going to have something more in this rack – no problems. However I do not recommend to have Wireless mics and PSM systems placed so close. Most (even expensive) systems are not intended to have such strong RF signal, delivered by PSM placed near, therefore input stage of RF filters become overloeaded and lose it’s selectivity, some pops and side effects may occur. I try to keep at least 3m distance between transmitters and receivers.