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i think ,like i mentioned before, mix access
(musician can adjust his monitoring) should do,i personally prefere having editor being “perfectionised” for touch and computer
such as:
pan slider instead of buttons,more numerical inputs
(i want to type in values anywhere possible)
resize custom layout e.t.c)
customizable keyb shortcuts (f1 to f12 selects mix and flips the page to the selected mix)
and restricted access,
so a musician can only mess up his ears not anybody elses…

the tweak thing is very cool indeed but as long i cant use it for preparing monitors (using mixes) it is not very interesting,most of the (filthy rich) swiss musicians have i phones so that would be really usefull here in chocolate heaven.


allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 64 / idr 48 (i am convinced there is a yamaha conspiracy against the release of the dante )