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3: An “Are you Sure” warning before EQ settings get flattened!

YES PLEASE!!! (my ears still hurt from my unfortunate clumsy fingered screwup with this button)


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6: Can we have a mix master level fader in or next to the GEQ window? So that when tweaking foldback eq you have quick access to it.

That would be VERY useful.


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7: I also would like the “Mix” functionality as previously requested by others to be able to remotely dial up monitor mix’s

Me Too Please!

and above all… make an iPad Tweak version to use full iPad resolution. I havent yet tried Tweak on an iPad myslef, but I’m told it just shows up in an iPhone size window. At iPhone screen size it is quite awkward to use PEQ (“pinch” bandwidth is near impossible for me to control accurately).

If this is incorrect and Tweak does indeed appear “full screen” on an iPad, PLEASE someone correct me… and I’ll buy an iPad right now!