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Hello A&H.

You guys did a wonderful job on “Tweak”. VERY handy tool. But can you give us iLive owners an idea on what’s planned for an iPad app? Is there something currently being designed that will give us more control for MIXING a show and not just tweaking a system?

Not looking for promises or actual dates… just trying to see if I should buy another tablet for Editor – my tablet is dead and I need something that does more than Tweak. If you’re working on an app that does more that Tweak and takes advantage of the iPad’s larger screen then I’ll wait for that, but if not I’ll just buy another tablet and run Editor. But it would really be nice to know so I can get a plan together.

I’m sure you know the Yammy folk have noticed Tweak and how quickly A&H is evolving the iLive features… if you guys come out with a full featured iPad mixing app I’m sure you’ll blow a few minds. Not to mention start making people consider the iLive more seriously… I think there are a LOT of M7 owners that would love the iLive if they had a reason to look into it more closely!

Thanks for a great console A&H. Keep it up!