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This comment nailed it on the head… this should be the way A&H head with this whole iiLive concept :)


Originally posted by Ian Auger


Biggsounds: I guess the happy medium might be another app? I mean, all the press releases referred to Tweak as A&H’s FIRST iPhone app – no reason why all this stuff needs to fit into tweak, maybe iMonitor is the next step?

Exactly! “Tweak” is perfect for roaming with an iPhone, “tweaking” a system. But if you want to MIX a show, perhaps “iMix” or “iFOH” for the iPad would be the right tool. It’s not likely I’m ever gonna want to mix a complex show on an iPhone… but on an iPad you’d have room to bring up Super Channel and just like in Editor open up a section of a strip. THAT would replace a tablet running Editor.

I agree that some apps should remain SIMPLE with less likelihood of screwing up on the fly. But other apps could take care of more complex tasks. Different tools for different purposes.

I’ll definitely keep Tweak on my iPhone for easy access, but I’d LOVE a more complex app on an iPad that would give me the control of Editor so I could mix on it if I had to… or grab the iPad and go out on deck with the muso’s and build their mixes right there with them.