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Hi there

Just wonder if I’ve missed something in my setting up of this system previously… Anyone seen a trim function on any output strips, other than the faders?

I’d love to be able to trim output levels up or down so I can keep faders at 0dB and leave amplifiers at their maximum gain, adjusting everything in the desk. That way I can limit the system from the desk end and not worry about people cranking up the amplifiers to compensate.

I could also do with this function where I run monitor outs from the FOH desk – typically I need something like 20dB less level going to any monitor send than I need in FOH, but would like to be able to keep faders and “pots” near 0dB for maximum adjustment resolution.

Thoughts anyone?

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No trim on outs!
That stage is usually the realm of the speaker processor.BSS Soundweb, KT dn 9848 etc……

A limiter on your outs could also do that for you without screwing up your gain structure……. Or, you could use an online editor as a “master” control center for outputs/MTX/grps/aux and assign these to DCAs(just apply some restrictions for your guest eng.so they can’t change these) you would then have total control on out levels etc……