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Hi Frank


1. Ilive 176/iDr 10 with RAB2
the Ace redundant link possibilities are seperated in a Button for the Surface and another one for the Mixrack. This makes no sense to me.

We left this due to future plans to expand the functionality of portA.


2. Select Output Source. Why is it not possible to use the Surface Inputs? and why there a bus outs ? Surface Inputs are more useful then bus outs.

I have added your above ideas to the feature request list.


3. Audio Sync. Some Irritation.
Inputs are via Madi to Port B. Audio Clock Source is internal. Normally i would expect a lot of crackels and pops in this setup, but it seems to be ok. But i think in this setup the Clock Source must be Mix Rack Port B Madi(Link1). There is no message or popup which shows the actual used sync source. This is a big chance to make a failure. My sugestion for the next software update is:

when there is an external digital input and minimum one socket use a digital input, then a message window should pop up with the question e.x “Would you like tu use the external sync source”

Thanks for your thoughts. The current clock source is displayed in the mixrack preferences page – Audio Sync – Audio clock source drop down box. There are 2 audio clock source status indicators within the touchscreen software 1 is displayed on the system info window over view page in the top left and the other in the mixrack preferences – audio clock source page. A cross will be displayed if there is no valid clock source and a tick if there is a valid clock available. There is also a system lock LED on the mixrack which will be illuminated when a valid clock source is available.
If there is not a valid clock available the mixrack’s internal clock will relax to its clock edge this range is close to the sampling frequency which is why audio will remain reasonably good, though you will find there will be audable clicks every so often.


An aditional question is:
when i use the madi mix rack redundant link and i choosed the sync source “Mix Rack Port B Madi(Link1)”,
what will happen when the cable to link1 is broken. Is in this case the sync source also redundant ?
i have no chance to check because there is no message about the sync actual sync source.

When in redundant mode and you are syncing from MADI the system will sync from link 1 if a valid clock is available, if not the system will then try to sync from link 2.

Hope this helps