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The biggest wishes so far from me are –

1) please port the ‘MIX’ buttons across!!! I love being able to select the mix key on a given channel and then scooting across my auxes and fx quickly while roaming the stage and setting up monitors, if the app had the facility to select a channel mix and then roam the mixes & fx that would make this app PERFECT for setting up monitors… maybe I’m missing something but as it stands now it really only seems useful for FOH duties.

-yessir- and restriction (the keyboarder can only select his mixbutton
or it is allready preselected for him so he can do his own in ear mix)

2) PAFL & RTA? I appreciate that porting the RTA across might be a big engineering challenge, but again for setting up monitors in a hurry this would be brilliant

nice but not urgent

3) PAN control on the inputs? Honestly, I could happily live without the delays per input channel if you need to compromise (maybe make that user selectable if its a processing issue?).

toggle button, between delay and pan

I won’t whinge any further because you have already in version one created the single most useful app in the iTunes store – THANKYOU!!!


and here is mine:

two buttons ont the faderpage
1, left button previous fader
2. right button next fader


allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 64 / idr 48 (and soon a dante