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Hi. We are also a church and learning the iLive T112 with IDR48 on the back end.

We have increasingly become aware of noise creeping into our mix. Since it has been getting increasingly noisy, logically, it is likely due to changes we are making.

We have established that all of our noise is coming from pre-amp gain settings. Also, the noise seems to sometimes have a way of getting out even if the channel is muted at the board.

By reducing EVERY PREAMP INPUT gain to 25db or below, we are able to reduce system noise to “acceptable” levels, though I wonder how we even get ANY noise in a completely DIGITAL board with no instruments plugged in?!?

Some of the volunteer band have inexpensive instruments which require that we boost the preamp to above 35db which brings with it enormous noise that is distracting and unacceptable.

We are using relatively inexpensive Direct Boxes, (Rapco db100) and I wonder if using ACTIVE Direct Boxes will reduce our problems by allowing us to keep the iLive’s preamp inputs below 25db?

The bigger picture for me is that I find it completely unacceptable that a board with this one’s cost should have such preamp issues at all! It’s like buying a stereo that clips to distortion before you reach “5” when the volume knob goes to 11.

Any help is appreciated.

Please be kind, church volunteer!

Denis (or some other volunteer)