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I bought an ipad yesterday in anticipation of this app coming out (only to find out the ipad won’t ship for 2 weeks) I currently use my 17in macbook pro wirelessly to configure my in-ear monitors while on stage (select my stereo aux, select mix button, have full control of my own monitor sound) much better this way as im not limited to a select number of channels as other wireless monitor control options out there.

now, if only i could do the same on my (coming) ipad. I agree with Biggsounds… this is perfect as is for FOH, but for my application, I also need “the facility to select a channel mix and then roam the mixes & fx”.

Please A&H make this an update soon!

T112 (FOH)
ACE Card (connected to)
IDR16 (for video room)
24″ iMac w/ iLive Editor (video room mixer)
22″ MSI touchscreen w/ iLive Editor (stage monitor mixing)
17″ MacBook Pro (personal in-ear monitor mixing)