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Hi Richard, I’m in 2 minds as to the ‘swipe’ action – as it is at least you can ‘grab’ the set that you need without worrying about overshooting with a swipe (especially in a panic grab!).
I’ve started another topic about the iPhone app – I can seriously see this becoming a MAJOR selling point for system purchasers and I think the sooner we all put our heads together the sooner you’ll see the app progress & the community of users grow (I had a meeting with the head of another production company on site at a potential new festival site & just in that discussion he’s already considering going with the iLive over his previous idea of buying 2 of the lower end Digico boards).
Allen & Heath certainly deserves a huge pat on the back for being so responsive to its end users – something I’m sure many of you realise doesn’t happen with all the big players!!!

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