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Hi Adrian,

In terms of routers, if your running an iPhone 4 or iPad then any 802.11n capable router would be a good bet, they typically have better wireless range than 802.11g. If not a 802.11g capable router will be fine.

Some ‘n’ routers also now support the new dual band standard in most countries which introduces a new frequency range at around 5Ghz.

If you believe the marketing the higher frequency helps with signal reflection and will cover more of the dead spots in a room. Also less chance of interference from existing hardware operating on the 2.4Ghz range.

At this time only the iPad makes use of the dual band technology.

iPhone 4 works with ‘n’ – just on the older 2.4Ghz range.

All other iPhones are ‘g’ capable.

In terms of manufacturer, we don’t currently have a list of recommended models. We purchased a Linksys / Cisco WRT610N for our testing, which can operate simultaneously on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.

Hope this helps