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On the smaller iLive surfaces (R80 and R72) I think it would be good to be able to scroll the qraphic EQ when in GEQ fader flip mode rather than bank through them. At the moment on the R72 when you flip the GEQ you get just 8 faders which are mapped to the lowest freq’s first, then if you press the GEQ flip again you get the next set of 8 freq’s etc. So it takes four button presses to get to the high freq’s and another press before you get returned to your current mix. This is not good! How about this: press the GEQ flip button then on the far right encoder (above the GEQ master fader) just turn the encoder to scroll through the GEQ frequencies. This could scroll an 8 fader bank at a time or preferably scroll a single freq (left or right)at a time. Another press on the GEQ flip button could then return to your mix but with the last used GEQ “view” remembered so that if you hit GEQ flip again the last used freq’s will be there in view again.


Richard Howey
Audio Dynamite Ltd