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Thanks Richard – you are definitely the authority on iLive and MIDI here I think! My main reason for chasing this is that I understand the MIDI spec will be broadened in future releases & therefore more useful functionality will be available in a cheap controller – great for those of us who don’t currently have the budget to go to a surface (although I appreciate I’m in the minority on the forum running without one)…
I’m looking into all of those issues –
1: the controller I have doesn’t have the moving faders, and it does support MIDI feedback so I’m looking at whether that’ll be an issue (in our initial tests using the MIDI controller did send the fader level to minimum, but seemingly not if you ‘activate’ the fader first by mousing over it and clicking as if to move – will check that again)… will do some more experimenting with changing scenes to check that.
2: There are several open source/paid applications which will carry midi data over ethernet/LAN – we’ve found one that looks promising & will try it shortly with the WAN I’ve established (I run 2 laptops, 1 at FOH & the other at the rack, this second one is my redundancy as well as providing playback & USB to DMX lighting control, so I can run a midi interface at that end connected locally)
Sounds like the biggest issue is the scene recalls, so that’ll be the next set of tests… more discoveries to follow!

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