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There are two things stopping midi being really useful with third party controllers and the iLive:

1: No MIDI Fader/mute/DCA controller information is sent when a scene is recalled – So any MIDI device with moving faders etc won’t update. Thats why I made my Logic environment have it’s own scenes for fader/mute/DCA settings.

2: You can’t interface MIDI directly with Editor software (you have to connect to either a mixrack or a surface MIDI I/O. This isn’t a major other than the cabling requirements – If Editor is running on a laptop at FOH (and no surface is used) and you want to use a midi controller you have to have MIDI in/Out connections all the way to the mixrack. This can be tricky as MIDi signals aren’t designed for long cable runs.

One idea (already mentioned here somewhere) with iLive midi is the ability to record the midi data stream into a sequencer and then on playback you can have automated fades/crossfades etc over time. Just be wary of iLive scene recalls!


Richard Howey
Audio Dynamite Ltd