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I would really like the option of ganging the fader banks together two at a time (t112).

For example: I’ve got banks 1 and 2 in 3 layers for my mix channels, but bank three is FOH inputs, emergency mic, mains/etc – and I’d like that to be able to stay put while changing banks 1&2.

In our setup, we’ve got three stages, to layers A/B/C on banks 1&2 are our stages, so being able to link those two banks would be a killer feature.

Also – would it be possible to add some more colors for the strips? Maybe a color mixer? For example – I’ve got drums as yellow, but it would be nice to have an orange for my stage 2 drums, so in the heat of the battle I know which drums I’m grabbing!

So far (after 18 hours) it’s a great piece of kit. Wish I had this years ago…

Also – a question rather than a request: Is it possible to have scenes recall the layer setting? I’d like to load a layer specific scene and have the layers change… can it be done currently?