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I’ve just finished making up a 50m snake with Sommer Cable: SC-Monocat Power 212. This has power (3 x 2.5mm), 2 x shielded Cat 6, + 2 x shielded Twisted Pair (Use for audio or DMX etc). They do other configurations also. Have only used it once so far but had no problems. It’s expensive but well made/ tough casing and reasonably flexible. Will come in very handy to return Dante from the mixrack over the spare cat 6 back to FOH for recording. With adaptors/converters you can send all sorts of things down the spare Cat 6 – even 4 channels of balanced audio with Instasnake box’s from https://www.etslan.com/ You may be able to find AES/EBU converters to Cat6 also?


Richard Howey
Audio Dynamite Ltd