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Used my new iLive system for the first time last weekend in a Gala Opening Concert of the newly refurbished Theatre Royal in Nelson, New Zealand, the Southern Hemisphere’s oldest theatre.

The concert featured 26 acts in four hours with anything from 4 piece bands to 20 radio mics on stage.

Absolute testament to the iLive that I was able to mix the concert seamlessly after only having it less than a week!

Without question this is a fantastic piece of kit, but here are my suggestions for improvements. Some of these have been covered previously, but perhaps not from quite the same angle:

Scene – ‘Preferences’ in addition to edit

Quite often it makes sense not to save ‘all’ parameters into a scene, but rather selected parameters. This can be done by using the edit window, a little clumsy, but possible. But say you only want to save one set of parameters (let’s say mutes) for each of the scenes throughout a show. Currently this has to be done by saving one scene and then copy and pasting it as many times as you think you’ll need.

My suggestion is that the ‘Edit’ option should be able to be toggled as a ‘Preferences’ option. In other words you establish which parameters will be saved as a ‘Preferences’ option and this applies to all scenes saved until such time as the preference parameters are changed – seems to make more sense to me.

Scene – Insert

Currently there’s no option to ‘Insert’ a scene into a list of scenes in a show. The workaround is to move a bunch of scenes, somewhat clumsy and more open to error. Bit of an oversight it seems?

Scene – Overwrite A Parameter Mode

Imagine a situation where you have saved a number of scenes, but need to change one parameter (let’s say EQ on one input) on all the saved scenes. Currently that would mean recalling each scene, then re-setting the parameter, updating, etc.

It would be far more efficient to be able to ‘Select’ a channel, then select the parameter you want to apply, then select the scenes you wish to apply it to, including an ‘All Scenes’ option.

Rotary Encoder

I feel the Rotary Encoder above each channel fader is currently under utilized.

It would be good if this could be applied to a wide number of functions, especially useful would be the ability to have it as an effects send, perhaps toggled with other functions through the programmable buttons.

Crossover/Speaker Management

Whilst I understand many situations will have dedicated speaker management systems, it would seems a small step to create onboard crossovers and other speaker management tools, to make the system ‘outboard free’ in simpler scenarios!



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