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Hi Chad

Please make sure that you are not connecting ACE to the network as this would cause Net bridge error.
If all iLive devices are on the network only one device needs to connect to a computer, it sounds like you could be causing a network loop.

It sounds like you have had some bad luck with your iDR16 mixrack, let me know how you get on with your new mixrack.
Just to clarify about the relays


hmmm well yes those clicks are very BAD!!!!

The relays are not BAD!

There are several relays (which will cause Clicks coming from inside the mixrack itself not the outputs) within an iDR mixrack each output socket has a mute relay when is disabled once the mixrack has booted on powerup, If the system looses power then the mute relay should enable so that you do not get any pops out of the output sockets to cause any damage to PA systems connected to an output socket.
If the output mutes are turning on and off intermittently this would suggest a possible power supply fault.
There is also another relay that enables/disables the pad circuit on each of the input preamp sockets.

Hope this helps

Sam A&H