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Whew – Thank you Kentlowt. I occasionally patch them accross monitors at sound check time – ring the monitors with overall level only and let the feedback eliminator notch a few bands of narrow q freq’s – then I either lock the unit or copy those narrow notch’s to the iLive parametrc EQ. You can achieve great results that you just cannot achieve with a 1/3 oct eq and they quickly give you the exact freq, Q and cut required. Now I know there are issues with them – they will notch any sine wave based audio source (intentional guitar feedback, some keyboard synth sounds, whistle/ flute type sounds and they also degrade sound quality slightly but if you use them with mic sources only at sound check/monitor ring out then I see them as a valuable information tool that is way more accurate than a 1/3 octave RTA. As an experienced engineer I can pick the freq of a tone within a few hz of a 1/3 oct band – but I know of no engineer that can get to the accuracy that they can offer – 1/60th of an octave! There is a place for them if you take the time to work out how to use them in a professional way.


Richard Howey
Audio Dynamite Ltd