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Kris B1-B8 are outputs on the T series. OK ,so we have general purpose, not surface specific templates. Is it just me or would you expect the system to configure itself to what it has attached to it? The surface your using detects the rack configuration your using and how many and what type of extra card is fitted so would it be such a stretch for it to say you’ve only got so many inputs and outputs available. Its is rare that i use someone elses system but say you were hot desking at a festival how would you know until you tried to plug something into a hole that isn’t there?

NB all the input sockets on my iDR have a number from 1-32 stuck on them, My thinking is that it is easior to tell a stagetech to plug a mic into 26 as opposed to D2


It already takes a long time in my mind to boot up the surface and you want to add another layer to the bootup process? I don’t.
It is easy enough to just make the changes it takes all of about 20 seconds.