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Negative. Remember that the brains of the iLive system are located in the mixrack. Lets say you want two computers yet you only have 1 CPU and 2 screens. Connecting both screens to the same CPU doesn’t give you two computers. You have to have the second rack to run your monitor desk. The editor/surface combination will work because all you have done is made a replica of the one console. You have taken the same IP address and mirrored it. You can do this all day long daisy-chaining consoles to your hearts desire because once again, you are mirroring the other console. As it sits right now, linking mixracks together is the only way to run two surfaces. Look on the bright side, now you have an extra 32 or 48 channels at your fingertips. :-)

Justin Sumrall

Justin , isn’t the surface also a computer with a network ip address ? ( even the screen has its own IP. As i see it every device ( surface,screen,pc with editor) is a network-device with its own IP. so why would it not be possible to let one device control another? once again you can connect several PC with an editor running and all change different settings the same time. if i select the kick channel on the surface someone else can at the same time select another channel to tweak on the editor.
Bottomline: it doesn’t work with 2 surfaces connected. I just want to now why not.
if i need it i will buy a second surface AND rack.[;)]

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