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storing to a scene……. the thing is, scenes in editor are not necessarily the same as the ones stored on the surface……unless you copied them from the usb key …and named them the same!!!!!!so If I’m in a mon/foh config…..whatever one is doing eventually acts on the other…I saved 2 scenes on the surface called them x and y did the same in editor called them v, w…when I recall w in editor i get a state of” unknown” on the surface….i.e. its neither x nor y , iif ts scene 1 in the editor it recalls scene 1 on surface ……and the more changes are done to scenes the worst this gets if you have more than 1 editor (1 at foh and another at mon for ex and a surface.) the state I’m talking about is the one where I would know i am affecting mon or vice versa or i’m not…..I guess that is easily done by setting up a totally different “custom” config in the mon section making sure nothing done there is actually affecting the foh…..but then there is the situation when you save scenes etc at foh using the editor……. kind of damned if you do damned if you don’t ! so there must be some other way of doing this?….I like to save a lot when using computers…so archiving every little change might ( as I found out) not be the way to do it……store all in scenes seems much faster, so maybe I must look at this in a different way??!!

Also the only way I found to know which scene I am in is to look at the surface …no feedback from the editor??!! so if I haven’t named my 3rd scene on the surface but I have in the editor I am shown a “no name” scene although the # 3 is there so I know its the 3rd…..but I don’t know that in the editor!!!?? or have I not found it??