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Yeah thanks Gil. The thing is that I want to achieve a 64 ch split monitor system with two surfaces and be able to multi track record. With my IDR48 and IDR16 connected in dual mixrack mode via an ACE card you can’t connect two surfaces. If the mixrack’s are connected together via two ace cards you can do a full foh/mon split with two surfaces but you then can’t multitrack record as both port B slots are used. I think however that if you connect the two IDR mixracks via Dante cards you should be able to route the IDR16’s mic inputs to the IDR48 for the FOH mix (via port B Dante), have a full two surface 64ch monitor split AND record with Dante virtual sound card.
I think the down side is the FOH surface will not have control of the IDR16 mixrack’s headamps. They could be controlled by an editor session or from the monitor console though.
Can anyone from A&H confirm that this is possible/correct?


Richard Howey
Audio Dynamite Ltd