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I don’t know how well the Editor will work over a long-haul connection, or any other device management application for that matter. For example, when the Editor loses connection to the iDR it can take more than a minute to return control.

My recommendation is to use Windows Terminal Services aka Remote Desktop. I sometimes call it RDP – remote desktop protocol.

The TS protocol is hardened and easily meets your security requirements. It’s robust over slow and unstable connections. It’s highly compatible with a number of clients, including those for Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone and Blackberry systems.

All you’ll need to do is to stand up a Windows workstation inside the church, where it can see the iDR over the network. Configure remote desktop to allow access from outside the subnet. Then, on your router, port-forward TCP 3389 from the router’s outside interface to the internal IP address of the workstation. You should then be able connect to the public IP of the router with any TS client, and a window with the workstation’s desktop will appear on your computer. From there you can run any application that’s installed on the workstation. Nifty!

Before you implement, you should read up on enhancing the security of TS through the functionality which already exists in the Windows OS. You can change the listening port; enforce high security, etc etc etc. You’ll find tech notes all over the Internet on this subject.