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Forgive me if either of these ideas has been mentioned in the 16 pages of suggestions:

I’d love to see some sort of “Instant Messaging” between the console and whatever device is running Editor. In a perfect word both parties may be on intercom, but I’ll sit in the audience with the laptop tweaking the mix from the console – it’s not uncommon I’d love to get a message to the operator upstairs.

Also – I’d love to be able to drag and drop channels in the editor software. Many shows/weeks, I could do 90% of my mix on the first layer, but sometimes need inputs the are programmed on the 3rd layer…being able to simply grab that channel (with associated parameters) and dragging it to the first layer would be a big time saver. Sure it’s easy to reprogram, but I’d love to not have to. The information is already in the console – I’d just like to rearrange the layout.

I’m sure it’s possible in Editor, but I have yet to figure out how – a custom layout where programmed channels that you don’t need can be invisible – or absent so if you’re only mixing 20 channels you don’t have 48 to look through.

I love the system, and 6 months in even our analog guys without computer skills are doing well with it.

John Cox
Fuquay-Varina Baptist Church Audio Team
iLive 112-T/idr48