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SCENES: A way to repeat paste a scene or group of scenes. Can this be done currently in reorder mode without needing to reselect the scenes to be pasted each time? This is because for theatre scene saving you need to use the update scene save (not store all) so scenes need to already have been saved with required parameters. Either that or a couple of “Custom Store” buttons where you preselect what gets stored/excluded with that button (save) press.

Not specific to the editor, because it’s also needed on the console: relating to theatrical scene pre-loading as mentioned above. I have to copy a scene and then paste it individually into 200+ scenes to get the default store parameters (fader-only, mute-only) pre-loaded so I can eventually “update” the scene during programming. I would LOVE to have the ability to copy a scene and then paste it to a range of scenes, all in one step!

And adding a request (yet again) for the ability to have the option to have the GO button auto-advance to the next populated scene.