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Can we have a much larger (Wider) target select area for the faders in editor please. The target select area could include the section over the channel meter effectively making the fader select area twice as big. This will be of benefit to touch enabled or hi res screens as it is difficult to hit the small vertical fader target area with the mouse pointer. You are normally moving the mouse horizontally when tying to select a narrow vertical fader target.

Can we have “Next” & “Previous” channel buttons in the processing windows (perhaps move the current tabs to the right and put the Next/Previous buttons where the current “All” and “Ext Input/Preamp” tabs are now and straight below the window title which displays the current selected channel. Then – have persistent windows when you press the next/previous buttons – especially for the GEQ and PEQ. This will speed up making similar changes to many channels or for quickly selecting/adjusting monitor GEQ’s etc.

Replace the laptop arrow L/R Keys (currently fine level up/down) commands to select Next (R arrow) and Previous (L Arrow) channels. With the up arrow (level up) and down arrows (Level Down) plus modifier keys (course/fine) used to adjust levels as they do now. I also just found out that on my MacBook Pro that selecting Function/Home (Left arrow) will send a fader to FULL!! or Function/End sets fader to fully Off! Scary!!! Can this be prevented?

How about a small non target area (space) between the Mute and PAFL keys so you are less likely to hit mute when you meant to hit PAFL! Perhaps put the channel type there (eq IP,GP, AUX etc) but make it non selectable so you still have to hit the name part (below PAFL) to name or color the channel?

SCENES: A way to repeat paste a scene or group of scenes. Can this be done currently in reorder mode without needing to reselect the scenes to be pasted each time? This is because for theatre scene saving you need to use the update scene save (not store all) so scenes need to already have been saved with required parameters. Either that or a couple of “Custom Store” buttons where you preselect what gets stored/excluded with that button (save) press.

Thats my wish list for now!


Richard Howey
Audio Dynamite Ltd