Thanks for the advice. I think the way you think, about the pad. You can’t imagine how many times, say a day yes and the other no, in 15 years, the pad saved my life[:D]
So told, I had 3 channels: 2 piano ch, both 414, 1 vox, sm58. When noise occurred, changed instantly the cable (even if, at my ears, was not the cable…everyone here knows what he hears when you have an unsoldered cable). And the problem, naturally, was not there. I solved as I told you any posts ago.
So, why can we hear noise on a padded 45 dB well patched, cabled and miced ch?
That’s my tormento.
Cya all
the pad, analogically speaking, is just an attenuator, isn’t?
Being an attenuator, it had to attenuate bohth signal and (eventually) noise coming with the signal, isn’t? so, renewing my tormento: why, if I pad and raise to 45db, or unpad and raise 45 dB, the same signal-to-noise ratio? that’s it..
iLive T112 -FW 1.63 – IDR48