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I have been using an iLive in anger since October 2007, not every week for sure, certainly a few hundred shows and rehearsals, however, I can honestly say as yet (touch wood) I have never had a problem during a show. Of course I have pushed the wrong button a few times, adjusted the wrong mix more than once. All put down to my advanced age and of course incompetence (should that be incontinence possibly [:I]) Again in fairness I have broken a few bits (the odd knob, button or LCD panel) The system has had a few upgrades (mix Extra card, SBC) All things considered and in my humble opinion it is one of the most reliable, flexible and comprehensive systems I have seen, final thing is I think it sounds much better than quite a lot of the competition, it certainly punches well above it’s weight in a complex market.
The best thing is it keeps getting better, more complicated for sure but then you don’t have to use all the features all of the time.[8D]