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ok this is all good to hear!
the two lockups we have experienced only effected the surface… the mix rack kept on ‘mixing’ (he he) and that was great!
it was more just, “please give me a moment ot turn the volume up/down, ok?” and even then it only took about 1-2min to reboot (which at the time did seem an eternity)

i dont want anyone to missunderstand this thread…
i love my iLive very very much…so much infact we just purchased a R72 and iDR16 with another R72 and iDR16 on backorder!!!

i have worked with D5s that have fallen over in shows and that is not a pleasent experience..!
this thread is about trying to ensure the iLive platform is as smooth as possible for everyone around the world and there isnothing better than a global forum to discuss the issues and amazing features!