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Hi there – Biggsounds- The iLive midi spec only supports Fader levels, Mutes, DCA assignments, scene program changes, Names & Colours. You therefore cannot use midi to adjust anything else unless they change the iLive midi spec. You are also confusing the surface “control” faders with channel “Level” faders which are in fact software values contained within the mixrack. The surface faders change function as they are just a remote control. They can be an aux send, eq slider, channel fader etc but they aren’t controlled by midi – they are controlled by the Touch Screen computer/surface which always gets it’s values from the mixrack! Midi signals control some of the values in the Mixrack – but only those functions as mentioned above.
Hope that clarify’s it. Now if they went whole hog with the MIDi spec and fully supported Mackie control protocol then there would be cheap controllers everywhere including ipod/iphones.
So yes – we all are dreaming of a cheap and functional controller. Perhaps the ipad/touch app thats being developed will be a solution?
Biggsounds – If you want an iLive controller with tight integration then save up and get an ilive surface. Not to dis my own work with the Logic/Mackie control solution as it works very well but I’m saving for another!

IDR48/IDR16/T112 and soon an R72? or perhaps a T80? then Dante cards …. Oh **** I’m addicted!