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Having just gone to my friendly local computer store to test run Editor on a 23″ touchscreen I have to say the ability to resize the controls (in particular the faders and buttons) is at the absolute top of my wish list!!! It was pretty much impossible, so I’m back to looking at just a laptop to do this now :(

Don’t give up! You should start the “magnifier” program in Windows 7!

(Start/Execute and then type “magnifier” if your windows is the english version at least :-) )

Put it in fullscreen mode and magnify to 150%. Works great as a workaround! I tried it too with a 23″ touchscreen.

Still looking for the best touchscreen AIO however. So far I tested, HP, Acer, and I’m going to try the MSI Wind TOp AE2400 soon.

My prayers have been heard, Dante is coming!