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Thanks for that info Jeff! So can you confirm that you will be able to send the iLive control data over the Dante network? For example with two mixracks, both fitted with Dante cards in port B, and network linked to effectively be an ACE replacement? Hey if that was possible perhaps you could call it ABCDE Audio Via port B and Control over Dante and Ethernet!! [:D] He He

I’ve just ordered a IDR16 (+ possible R72) to add to our IDR48/T112 and want to make the right choice for future expansion of the port B cards. I gather at the moment with firmware 1.63 I will need 1 x ACE card in the master rack to do dual mixrack mode, or an ACE card in both mixracks port B to do a full monitor split (with two surfaces) – is that correct? If the Dante cards can also achieve this then I think I’d wait for their release as at some stage we may also get other dante enabled products (Lab Gruppen amps for example). Can you provide any info on this?