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Hi Adrian

You can use a standard domestic router, although as you will only be using the switch side of it, and not the routing side, you should not use the ‘WAN’ or ‘Modem’ port. First turn the router on, and connect the laptop to it using a CAT5 cable. You should then be able to access a web-based management interface using the router’s instructions. From here, set up the wireless network, and it’s probably easiest to turn off the DHCP server. Set the router’s IP address to something like, and the macbook to, for example, The basic goal is to avoid conflicting with either the Mix Rack ( by default) or the surface ( by default). You can set all units to use DHCP if you want, but this would mean that you would always have to have to router present and turned on before starting up your system.

If you are familiar with IP networks, then the short version is that, by default, the iLive devices are normal network devices in the private address range An Editor session running on a device in the same address range as the iLive devices will be able to connect to them.

Hope this helps.

– Jeff, A&H