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The BIG headache for us at the moment is only one card slot. We’ve always recorded to Alesis HD24 via ADAT but if we do FOH/Mons split, then both mixrack card slots are occupied by an ACE card which means we can’t easily record at the moment. I’d love there to be a solution to this. The iLive/T system is otherwise amazing I have to say. Adrian.

I was just thinking that maybe this could be solved with two Dante cards and a high quality router/hub. If you would use the Dante network to get the audio out of your first rack, put that through a high quality network router/hub and from there go to your second rack via that second Dante that you put in the second rack AND to your recording computer.
This should actually work, I think. A&H? What do you think? Am I right here?

My prayers have been heard, Dante is coming!