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The I-Live has a truckload of busses available.

I would highly recommend standardising as much as possible and using a similar configuration for all your gigs.

We have a config that works for 99% of the gigs we do.
It means we can pre-label drum looms with I-Live input numbers,
It means we can save scenes and recall and not have compatibility issues.

It means our surface layouts are compatible with different gigs and each of our engineers can have their own preferred surface layout without screwing up routing and outputs.

It means when a band turns up and needs 8 Auxes when their rider said 6 there is no problem. Or when a TV guy turns up and wants a feed we can flick him a matrix send.

Think of the most auxes, groups and matrix sends you will need for the biggest gig you do, then add a couple and run with that as your standard setup.