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Thats indeed a situation where you assign all minus one to a DCA. On the other hand i suppose you have your instruments divided over several other DCA’s so you would not want to use this DCA with all the inputs on it to make your live easy.[:)] That would be the same as not using this function. If they limit the maximum channels you can assign to a DCA to 64 it should work even on R72. I suppose 12 channels should do the trick for most things. Of course this limitation would only be when you choose to work with this mode. you can use the DCA now as a DCA or as a MUTE group. they could add a third mode to support this ( with the added limitation only for these DCA’s) So you could have the choice and still be able to assign all the inputs to a normal DCA and use the special DCA for subgrouping inputs with the quick access. It would be nice if they could do it .


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