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Hi, Sam!

thanks for answers.
Of course, I know it’s not recommended, but real life is full of surprises and there are problems that need to be solved instantly. For example band came and told everything is as in rider, but in airport we met one good friend he will be with them so we need 1 more stereo aux for his IEM, etc. These things just happen. I was expecting my new bus will be unasigned to any inputs, etc. However I didn’t expect it would shift all existing setup. I believe this can be fixed in next FW versions.

What scene safes do now? Is it like in analog console just mute safe? Or is it fader and mute safe? Does it make safe EQ as well? What about bus and output safes? What is included and what’s not?

If I can’t do complete safe for the channel is there any option to upgrade all scenes with settings for any particular channel? For instance – we done 5 bands soundcheck, stored scenes, it turned out it some inputs will be DJ and there is DI used that needs phantom. How do I upgrade all scenes to have these changes included?