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Would it be possible to provide a feature found on other high profile digital desk. When using many (64 or even more with the dual rack) inputs you use many layers (for example T112 4left bank and some on the middle bank) with inputs. It can be a challenge to quick get to the desired strip. It would be nice that when you press the mix button on a DCA that all the input strips related to that DCA apear on the left and middel bank layers in sequence. lets say all the drum channels or all the brass channels.press again and the regular channels re-apear.So you can fast acces what you need without browsing through layers.their should be some indication to allert that you are in that mode ( DCA LCD blinking). I like blinking lights[:D]. Also in some sort of monitormode you press the mix button for an AUX send and you get only the channels asigned(ON) to that mix instead off 64 inputs spread over many layers.Of course in regular mode you have acces to all the inputs to send to that AUX. Most off the time they only need a limited number of channels in their mix. I hope this makes sence

That would be great! Maybe a single touch on the Mix button behaves as it currently does, but a fast double touch brings the members of that DCA (and maybe Aux) to the surface for quick adjusting.


David Schmoldt

I hadn’t thought about it, but that would be freakin’ fantastic! Please!

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