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Editor-specific: (multi)touch enabled and optimized version of the editor would be awesome.

Some general enhancements for the editor:

  • If you click on a fader, highlight it, because you can move it with arrow up and arrow down as well as Page up and Page down (cool by the way, that comes in handy for subtle laptop mixing.)
  • Also allow the user to use some keyboard combinations to alter the value of selected button and value fields. Not only drag-up and drag-down, because that becomes difficult if you are working near the top or the bottom of the screen. Arrow-left and arrow right for instance would be great. Combined with Control or Shift for quicker movements plus a quick reset combination, maybe? Finding the center on pan-buttons can be painful :-). Changing the value of a selected button with the mousewheel would also be a nice feature!
  • Resizable user interface so you don’t have to use the windows magnify function
  • Make the area where you can click a fader wider (doesn’t need to mean that the fader is visually wider, just the ‘button’ area. Now with touchscreens you have to point really well. Faders are high enough but not wide enough. Select, mute and mix buttons on the other hand could be just a little bit higher to make it easy to select them via touchscreen.
  • In the ganging screen, not only use the channel numbers but also show the channel names please. It would also be sooo nice if at least in this screen the typical SD8 ‘ripple’-function were implemented. Say, start from this channel nr and gang 2,3.4,…channels for instance
  • Allow the channel select screen to be dockable as well. Wouldn’t mind at all if it were fixed width (it’s a bit distracting at times that this screen changes width all the time, depending on the tab you select)
  • In the channel select screen, make the channel name a dropdown of channel nrs and names so you can stay in the channel select screen and you don’t have to go to the fader screens to select another channel.
  • Next to that dropdown of channel names, foresee a back and forth button to quickly change to the previous and the next channel (these are often related, all keys, all vocals nect to each other, hence the wish). Assign a key combination to those back and forth buttons.
  • In the par. EQ tab just put the two versions on the same screen, graphical and parameter version.
  • Next to each tab in the Channel select screen foresee a button area as high as the screen with the functionality to go back to the ‘All’ tab for quick overview (from the ‘all’ tab, you can go to the details by clicking on each section: that is VERY nice but it’s not equally easy to go back, the ‘All’ tab is the smallest tab of all :-), that’s why unfortunately it looses a bit of usefulness, so easily going back to that tab is quite essential)

Just a couple of my wishes. Still working on the scene management functionality though :-)

My prayers have been heard, Dante is coming!